Bloody Quest

A game of visceral encounters set in a world of danger. Take your hero on thrilling adventures, but beware. You may not come out in one piece.

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About Bloody Quest

Bloody Quest is a furious and entertaining tabletop roleplay game. Combat is gruesome; there is every chance your character will come out of a fight with horrific physical wounds. Couple this with a sense of epic adventure, exploration and decision making, and you have a powerful experience which appeals to beginner and veteran players alike.

The mechanics behind the game are focused on providing a fun and easy-to-use system. A head for math isn’t required; once players have experienced the rules quick and brutal encounters will follow. The onus is on sitting around a table and having fun with your friends.

Currently the game has moved from development into open BETA. Using feedback from the BETA the game system will be finalised. Soon after a number of books will be produced, providing not only rules and setting, but a larger choice of playable races, skills and other additions. Ultimately this will lead Bloody Quest to crowdsourcing, or some other form of funding and distribution.


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Bloody Quest
The Hammercore Team

The Team

Bloody Quest started life as a home-brew roleplay system created in Australia by Tony Pettersen. Using Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules and background as a foundation, the game (dubbed ‘Dumb-Hammer’) soon expanded, with its own custom rules and fiction.

The response was so positive that Tony decided to develop the idea into a stand-alone system, reworking the rules and setting to focus on visceral combat and quick encounters. He contracted Russian illustrator Margo Zakharova, who provided the first pieces of artwork. Initial prototype tests put Tony into contact with local game enthusiast Matthew Lee. Together Tony and Matthew began streamlining the rules and creating an original fictional setting.

Margo officially joined Tony and Matthew in the project, and with a much stronger game focus and dedication to presenting an innovative fictional world, the Bloody Quest team quickly grew. Bloody Quest now boasts a talented and dedicated team from all around the globe. Each member lending their skills to bring Bloody Quest, and the world of Somnium, to life.

The Bloody Quest team consists of Tony Pettersen (Game Design, Fiction, Project Management), Margo Zakharova (Artist), Matthew Lee (Fiction, Game Design, Editing, Project Management), Craig Lee (Additional Art), Kris McDermott (Graphic Artist), David Sealy (Graphic Design, Game Development), Matthew Wellings (Marketing and Social Media), Denzil Lim-Hussain (Community Manager) and Paul Harvey (Tech Liason).


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